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Kit Update

OK, New update on the server,

New Players will start with 50 points, This will allow the new player the ability to buy a 4 hour Flight Kit, to explore and find a place to build.

New players need only type /kit fly to purchase it, then type /fly to activate it and use creative flight controls. the kit will remain active beyond 4 hours of gameplay until the player logs off, we'd hate to see someone plummet to their death because they were not watching the clock. Even if you still have time left and need to log off, always land before you log off as logging off de-activates flight. when you come back on simply type /fly to reactivate flight.



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World Map Not Loading

Help Desk 30 Jul 2017
Title said it all. The map is not loading. 10:30 Pm pacific. 
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Stock Market Plugin?

Help Desk 10 Jul 2016
Figured it would be interesting to have something else to do besides craft,mine,drink,etc...       https://www.spigotmc...ompanies.10673/
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Suggestions 07 Jul 2016
So I was curious, since the end is already ravaged through and it only has a limited amount of space that can be explored, that the Elytra could be obtained elsewhere. Possibly and admin shop that sells it, a mob arena drop or raffle? I'm just suggesting that people could get a hold of one withou...
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Internal Error, Notify An Admin Immediately :player_Interact

Resolved 08 Apr 2016
Hello,   I been getting this error on my bedroom door at my house lately : Internal error, Notify an admin immediately :Player_Interact .  Could someone please fix this thanks.  I have no trouble opening the door if i try a few times, but the error comes up alot an dont know w...
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The End Is Bugged

Resolved 31 Mar 2016
1) The portal in the end to go to the outer islands puts me in a endless loop.   2) All the new new content in the end for 1.9 is out side the border that was imposed on the end. the wiki states that the islands ships and towns start at 1000 blocks from the center of the end. The border is a...
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