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1)Read the Rules and Ranks Below

2) Register

3) Notify staff in game that you have completed your registration


Welcome to Crafters Guild. The following Rules have been laid down for the benefit of all members with the goal of keeping a close and friendly community based atmosphere, to not only Build your Imaginations desire, but to also build friendships. Crafters Guild is well worth the time to Apply and the second you enter Elysium, you will know why.
  • No griefing (destroying, stealing of property or building in another's players backyard without their permission).
  • Absolutely no cheats or hacks (Including X-Ray) - We will know.
  • Do not attack other players except in PVP approved areas or by mutual consent.
  • Use the help desk for questions and avoid bombarding the staff with questions in-game (refer to Guides & Wiki's first).
  • Do Not spam chat.
  • Not sure how to create something? Google is your friend.
  • Be respectful of others and please watch your language.
  • Asking for Teleports will be denied. We are providing a great transportation system in Elysium for players to get around.
  • We consider build space very important and will enforce a 150 blocks spacing between player builds if we feel the builds are too close.
  • All exceedingly large projects or builds (150x150 plus), must be brought to the attention of Senior Staff (GM or GA) for Location approval.
  • Please gather resources on Praxus. Praxus can be reached through spawn for free or by using the command /mining or /praxus for 3 points. Praxus has no mobs and you are payed via /orepay for mining there. thanks
Failure to comply will result in Warnings, Jail time or the dreaded Banhammer. So be nice and enjoy.


[R] Recruit


[B] Jailed


[A] Apprentice


[N] Novice


[J] Journeyman


[M] Master


Donor Ranks

[S] Silver


[G] Gold


[G] Gold+


[P] Platinum


Admin ranks

[GO] Guild Officer
--These are the players recruits should go to in order to get promoted after finishing their application process (or a Master if one is on). GO's settle chat disruptions and can 'jail' players that break the rules. GO's are here for the player- if you have questions or need help, ask them first.

Current GO's:
sin90, Blk_Hinata, Mangleson, Allenone, Pelaaja1

[GA] Guild Admin
--Please see an Admin if you donate, as they can promote you, assign world guards and fix in game problems that officers can't. Admins are effectively junior technicians with limited server side access. They will usually fix problems posted on the Help Desk, so if a GO can't help you in game, post to the Help Desk.

Current GA's:
Nathanlarson11, Zyrade, Diamondtiger

[GM] Guild Master
--ArkD, Creator and head technician. Runs the server.
Madmadigan, Treasurer with full website and server side access. Built and runs Spawn, Owns the server.